Gold Nanoparticles

Introduction Of Gold Nanoparticles

Since many centuries, gold nano particles have been used by artists due to its amazing property of interacting with the visible light in a beautiful way. However, nowadays the optical properties of these nanoparticles of gold are now being put into use for different reasons. After several researches, it has been found that the nano particles of gold have the ability to intermingle with the free electrons emerging from a light ray, electrical in nature.                             

Gold Nanoparticles Applications And Usage

The above mentioned optical property of gold nanopowder is highly useful in various technological applications, such as sensory probes, organic photovoltaics, catalysis, electronic conductors, therapeutic agents, medical applications, and drug delivery. Moreover, the electronic as well as optical properties of these nanoparticles of gold, such as its surface chemistry, size, shape, etc. can be fine tuned and used accordingly.

Recently it was found that the nanoparticles of gold are very useful in treating cancer. In addition, the nanoparticles can also be used to spot biomarker or signs in the diagnosis of cancer, heart diseases, and various other infectious agents.

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