Hydroxyapatite - Calcium Phosphate Tribasic- Nanopowder

Introduction To Hydroxyapatite Powder

A naturally occurring form of Calcium apatite, Hydroxyapatite is an interesting element in Nano technological research. Ranging generally between 80-100nm in size, they are particles that can be dispersed in fluids, made as rods or used as powders for research. Surface functionalized form of Hydroxyapatite Powder is also used for preferential binding and adsorption. Chemical Deposition, Biomimetic Deposition and Electro deposition are some of the methods that are used for synthesis of this nano product.

Hydroxyapatite Powder - Uses & Applications

Hydroxyapatite Powder can be used in different applications in various disciplines of science

  • This powder is widely used in therapeutics, biomedicine and bone tissue engineering.
  • When incorporated with biodegradable polymer composites, the powder has shown enhanced adhesion to bone forming cells.
  • Use of this powder is emphasized in making of bio markers and biosensors.
  • This is also a possible form a flame retardant.

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