Copper Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction Of Copper Oxide Nanopowder

Copper is a block D, Period 4 element while oxygen is a block P, Period 2 element. Copper oxide nanopowder look like a brownish-black powder. When uncovered to hydrogen or carbon monoxide under high temperature, they can be reduced to metallic copper. They are classified dangerous to humans and are also harmful to the environment with dreadful effect on marine life.

The chemical composition of copper oxide nanopowder is: 79.87 content % copper and 20.10 content % oxygen. The thermal properties of copper oxide nanopowder is its melting point as 1201 degree celsius and 2000 degree celsius as boiling point.

Copper, as a red-brown metal, is in high demand with an usage of more than 20 million tons per year. Copper and copper oxide(s) are both standard materials for the production of electrical cables and coins. They are also used as active ingredients in biocides (e.g. used in organic farming, in anti-fouling coating processes and for wood impregnation).

In consumer products such as pillowcases and socks, copper oxide is used for its antimicrobial properties. Besides copper is also an essential trace element needed for the proper functioning of many enzymes in biological systems and the adult need is between 1 and 1.5 mg copper per day.

The particle size of nanometer copper oxide is between 1-100 nm. Compared with the ordinary copper oxide, copper oxide nanopowder features peculiar physical and chemical properties such as: surface effect, superiority of the quantum size effect, volume effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect in magnetic, optical absorption, chemical activity and thermal resistance, catalysis, and the melting point. Nano copper oxide attracts more and more peoples attention, and become one of the most extensively used inorganic materials.

Manufacturing process Of Copper Oxide Nanopowder

By using the aqueous precipitation method, copper oxide nanoparticles can be synthesized. In this method, copper acetate is used as a precursor and sodium hydroxide as a stabilizing agent. Single phase monoclinic structure of the copper oxide nanoparticles is revealed using X-ray diffraction. The rectangular morphology of the copper oxide nanoparticles is revealed using the scanning electron microscopy.

Applications Of Copper Oxide Nanopowder

The key applications of copper oxide nanopowder are as follows:

  • Copper Oxide nanopowder is used as a burning rate catalyst in rocket propellant.
  • It can greatly improve the homogeneous propellant burning rate, lower pressure index, and also perform better as a catalyst for the AP composite propellant.
  • Can be applied to the catalyst, superconducting materials, thermoelectric materials, sensing materials, glass, ceramics and other fields.
  • As ceramic resistors, magnetic storage media, gas sensors, near-infrared tilters, photoconductive and photothermal applications.
  • As semiconductors, solar energy transformation, and high-tech superconductors.
  • Copper Oxide nanopowder is insoluble in water. In ammonia solution and alcohol, it dissolves slowly.
  • It is soluble in dilute acids, NH4CI, (NH4) 2CO3, potassium cyanide solution.

Synthesis Of Copper Oxide Nanopowder By A Novel Method

Nano size materials exhibit unique electronic, magnetic, optical, catalytic and medicinal properties as compared with the traditional and commercial bulk materials. This is due to its quantum size effect, large surface volume ratio. Copper nanopowder are of great interest due to its easiness of preparation and significant promising physical and chemical properties.

There are several methods for the synthesis of copper nanopowder like precipitation methods, decomposition methods, plasma methods, pulsed wire explosion methods, sol gel methods, vapor deposition, electrochemical, radiolysis methods and many more.

Copper nanopowder have antibacterial activity, catalytic properties, biocidal properties and use in wound dressings, gas sensors, superconductors, solar cells and thermal conductivity and many more.

Humans can have the regular contact with copper and copper oxide through its many applications. It is important to keep in mind that copper oxide is a skin irritant and that its oral use (as an essential micro-element) should be limited. In addition, the handling of copper and copper oxide powder (also, as a nano-pesticide) should be done with great care.

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