Nickel Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction To Nickel Oxide Nano Powder

Nickel Oxide is the primary oxide of the metal Nickel and is a green crystalline solid. It is rare find in nature and is rarely found in its free form. However, several million kilograms are manufactured annually. The mineralogical form of this oxide is bunsenite and is classified as the basic metal oxide. Nickel oxide can be prepared by several methods. It is highly resistant to corrosion and thanks to this property it is widely used in industrial applications. Nickel oxide is available in different forms such as pellets, sputtering targets, Nickel oxide Nano powder, and small pieces.

Nickel Oxide Nano Powder - Applications & Usage

The Nickel Oxide powder has a wide variety of specialized applications and these applications typically fall under two categories, metallurgical grade which is mainly utilized for the manufacture of alloys and chemical type which is quite pure and is a material utilized for special purposes.

  • Utilized in the ceramic industry to produce porcelain glazes, frits and ferrites.
  • Useful for lightweight structural components in electrochemical and aerospace applications.
  • Used in the creation of rechargeable batteries.

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