Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction Of Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder

Zirconium oxide or Zirconia nanoparticles are white high surface area ultrafine particles available in either monoclinic or as stabilized material. These nanoparticles are typically 5nm to 100nm with a specific surface area in the range of 25 to 50 m2/g. It is formed by clacining Zirconium compounds, exploiting its greater thermal stability. Zirconium Oxide nano particles are available in various forms such as nanocrystals, nanodots and nanofluids. They are typically doped with magnesia.

Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder Applications And Usage

Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder is soluble in hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and has great thermal-chemical stability. It exhibits good strength and electrical conductivity, at high temperature. Due to these amazing properties, it has been used in different niches.

  • In the formation of abrasive, fire-retarding and insulating materials.
  • In the creation of artificial jewelry.
  • As high-purity pigment, functional ceramics, porcelain glaze, and more.
  • The Zirconium oxide powder exhibits fantastic pyrooptical features, and thus is utilized in light shutters and optical storage.

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