Multi Wall CNTs

Introduction Of Multi walled Carbon Nano Tubes

Multi walled Carbon Nano tubes are highly used in the area of communication sciences and they clearly fit the bill in medical applications too, with differing thickness and physicality. With the advent of thinner and longer Nano tubes, their characteristics can be skillfully manipulated to suit the needs in different applications.

With the future pushing us towards technological modifications, Carbon Nano tubes are being used in many areas, especially in drug deliveries.

Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes - Applications

For the starters, these multiwalled Carbon Nano tubes are the ultimate set of Carbon fibers striking the perfect combination of strength, thickness and tenacity. With electrical and thermal conductivity being rolled into one, these structures provide several added advantages in the following areas.

  • Conductive Plastics can be made with these multi-walled carbon Nano tubes, mainly for addressing the global needs for energy transport and conduction.
  • Creating flat panel consoles for efficient viewing.
  • Structuring composite materials.
  • Targeting the technical textile industry for Kevlar sheets.
  • Creating coatings which absorb radar emissions.
  • Improved batteries with enhanced longevity.

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