Quantum Dots

Introduction Of Quantam Dots

A Quantum dot is a nanostructure or tiny particle of a semiconducting substance with a diameter range of 2nm to 10nm. They were initially discovered in 1980&rsquos. These nano products display exclusive electronic properties, intermediate amid those of discrete molecules and bulk semiconductors. Its electronic features are determined by the shape and size. These semiconductor materials can be manufactured from an element, such as germanium or silicon or also from compound such as CdSe or CdS.There are many quantum dots supplier you can find in the market, however you need to be careful while purchasing from them.

Quantum Dots Applications And Usage

Because of their nonlinear optical and electrical properties, these nano products have been used in various applications.

  • The most application of this is it is used for attaining alluring colors in stained glasses.
  • As absorbers with low saturation fluence.
  • In composite applications.
  • As vital components of solar cells and also highly sensitive photo detectors.
  • In manufacturing of laser diodes and more.

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