CNT Dispersions

Introduction To CNT Dispersions

Cylindrical in nature, Carbon Nano tubes are allotropes of Carbon. Among the widely researched elements in Nano Technology, CNTs have shown a way for better devices in biosciences and electronics. Carbon Nano tubes are of two forms, the single walled carbon nano tubes (SWCNT) and multi walled carbon nano tubes (MWCNT). CNT Dispersion is available in both forms, dispersed in water and organic compounds as per the users requirements.

CNT Dispersions - Uses & Applications

Carbon Nano tubes have a wide range of applications. They may be used in different forms for best optimized results.

  • They are used to enhance the mechanical properties of composites used in Bone Tissue engineering.
  • For their strength and mechanical properties, they are used in making of day to day clothes, sports gear and equipments and elevator coir.
  • Solar cells made using CNTs are more efficient.
  • Exhibiting strong adsorption for various contaminants in water, they are also used in water treatment and remediation.

Best Deals for CNT Dispersions

A wide range of CNT dispersed products are available at MKNano. We ensure that they are maintained according to standard conditions for best quality and results. Dispersions of multi- walled carbon nano tubes as well as single-walled carbon nano tubes are available both in water and organic solvents.