Monodisperse Nanoparticles

Introduction To Mono Disperse Nano Particles

Mono disperse nano particles are a collection of uniformly sized nano particles. Widely used in different areas in nano technological research, these components of nano scale are of much interest to the research fraternity of today. These particles, with variations of less than 5% in size, have received much attention, due to their extraordinary performance that is induced by strong dependence of its properties on its dimensions.

Mono Disperse Nano Particles - Applications

The properties of Mono disperse Nano particles have a great deal of applications in various disciplines of science.

These uniformly sized nano particles have been used widely in ultra high density magnetic storage media, which is of prime importance to the modern computer world.

They are also used as catalysts in several processes of chemical sciences. Use of uniformly sized nano particles in biosciences, biomedicine and diagnosis have been discovered of late with numerous applications in these fields.

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