Introduction Of Nano Fibers

Nanofiber technology is an excellent area seeking the attention of myriad research branches. These Nano products offer connections amid the macro and nano world as their diameters are in factually in the order of nanometers, whereas their lengths might run eventually into hundreds of meters. Nano fibers have a fiber diameter within 100nm, albeit the business sector lets an upper fiber with the diameter range of 300nm or even up to 500nm.

Nano Fibers Applications And Usage

These flexible fibers due to their fascinating properties have gained the attention of many researchers nowadays. The electrostatic spinning of these fibers have great advantages and some of them include

  • Health care - Used in drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, artificial joints
  • Environment - Removal of impurities, filtration, food processing.
  • Electronics - Storage devices, quantum electronics, sensor applications.
  • They also find their applications in protective clothing, in lithium-ion batteries and more.

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