Single Wall CNTs

Introduction Of Single Walled Carbon Nano Tubes

Tubular cylinders which exhibit extraordinary mechanical, chemical and electrical properties fall under the category of single walled Carbon Nano tubes. Besides being extremely strong, carbon nano tubes have properties of high-end elasticity with ballistic transportation.

While CNTs might vary in terms of physical dimensions, addition of active ingredients and extra chemicals beef up the characteristics, adding to the overall performances. The Carbon Nano tubes personify innovation when we step into the world of technological supremacy with nano-science at the helm.

Single Walled Carbon Nano Tubes - Applications

Single Walled Carbon Nano tubes are promising and deliver an outstanding performance when it comes to the basic and even the most intricate of technological needs. Here are a few aspects which are taken care of by these handy raw materials.

  • Building extra strong meshes which are resistant to wear and tear.
  • Laying the foundation of nano-electronics.
  • Towards building flat panel viewing panels.
  • As the building block to the Ultra-capacitors.
  • Biosensors which absorb harmful gases can be created as single wall carbon nano tubes have smaller diameters and can be easily tweaked.

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