Carbon NanoFiber

Introduction Of Carbon Nanofiber

Carbon NanoFibers (CNFs) also referred to as vapor grown carbon fibers are cylindrical shaped nanostructures with numerous graphene layers neatly arranged as plates, stacked cones or cups. These graphitized sorts of fibers are formed by catalytic synthesis. Carbon Nanofiber is highly strong material utilized, due to this property it is used in strands for space elevators and more. These strongest fiber materials have exclusive intrinsic properties which let them to be used in wiring for myriad different sorts of technology.

Carbon Nanofiber Applications And Usage

The distinctive properties of carbon fibers have extremely expanded technology and science of composite materials in the past few decades. These NanoFibers find their applications in aerospace, various industries, automotive uses, and lots more.

  • Utilized for electrode materials, and composite materials.
  • As a carrier material for several catalysts in the Petro chemistry.
  • Used in fuel cells and batteries, silicon wafer production, disk drive components.
  • Utilized in Aircraft braking systems, thermal management and more.

Best Deals For Carbon Nanofiber

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