Aluminum/Aluminium Nanopowder

Introduction Of Aluminium Nano Powder

Aluminium Nano Powder is spherical and black colored metallic particles. Their sizes range from 10 to 30 nano meter however they are available in sizes of 70 to 100 nm as well. These tiny particles are available in high purity, ultra high purity, dispersed as well as in carbon coated forms. These are also known by the terms nano powder and nano dots. Aluminium nano powder can be found in the form of nano fluids and is used for various purposes.

Aluminium Nano Powder - Applications & Uses

Aluminum Nano powder is used in various applications such as:

  • Effective catalysts to be used in biomaterials.
  • They will enhance the combustion speed, combustion stability and combustion heat when used in rocket fuel.
  • The particles when used in solid propellants will increase the burning rate.
  • The nano powder is known for high performance of heat transfer, improved density, improved thermal conductivity, and enhanced sintering process too.

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