Nickel Nanopowder

Introduction Of Nickel Nanopowder

Also known as Nickel nanodots, the nano particles of nickel are completely black in color and spherical in shape. The size of these nano particles Nickel nanoparticles are black spherical high surface area tiny particles. Nanoscale particles of nickel are generally 10 to 40 nanometers and are also available within the average particle size of about 50 to 100nm range. A pure metallic and high quality Nickel Nanopowder, spherical in shape is typically have been synthesized by the reduction of nickel chloride along with hydrazine at standard room temperature without any inert gas protection and protective agent.

Nickel Nanopowder Applications And Usage

Nickel particles are magnetic and have great electrical conductivity properties. They have wide ranging applications in the electrodes and catalysis. The following lists some of its prominent applications

  • Textiles, nanowires, plastics, coatings, and NanoFibers.
  • Sintering additive and propellant.
  • Catalyst for various chemical reactions like hydrogenation.
  • It is widely utilized for shock absorption materials, sealants, optical displays and medical equipment.
  • Pigments for glass and ceramics, coloring agents and adhesives for enamel and more.

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