Silicon Nanopowder

Introduction Of Silicon Nano Powder

Nanotechnology is quickly sweeping through all significant fields of technology and science, and so do the Silicon Nano particles. The Nano powder is relatively novel material with the great potential to revolutionize the exciting electro-optic semiconductors. These nano particles possess smaller and uniform particle size distribution, high purity, greater specific surface area, and also high surface activity.

Silicon Nano Powder - Applications And Usage

Application of Nano particles as fillers in the formation of nano composites of polymers has gained much attention, because of the increased demand for unique and new materials with improved mechanical, thermal, chemical and physical properties. The well - defined silicon powder materials are utilized in applications that include

  • Lasers, solid state lighting, and biological tags.
  • Packaging materials for significant semiconductors of microelectronics.
  • As vital materials for lithium - ion battery.
  • Metal surface treatment.
  • Used in paint, plastics, color rubber and modified magnetic materials.

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