Silver Nanoparticles

Introduction Silver Nanoparticles

Silver Nano particles are particles of silver amid 1nm and 100nm in size. Whilst often described as being &lsquosilver&rsquo, few are composed of a greater percentage of silver oxide mainly because of their high ratio of surface-to-bulk atoms. There are several different synthetic routes to these nanoparticles. They can be classified into three key categories ion implantation, physical vapor deposition and wet chemistry.

A silver nanoparticle consists of unique electrical, optical and thermal properties and thus, finds its applications into products which range from chemical sensors and photovoltaic to biological applications.

Silver Nanoparticles Uses/Applications

Silver particles have exclusive properties which aid in therapies, molecular diagnostics, and also in devices which are utilized in medical procedures. These nanoparticles are utilized in various fields and the prominent applications include their use as optical sensors, catalysts, in textile engineering, in electronics and also in the medical field as a therapeutic and bactericidal agent.

  •  It is utilized in the creation of dental resin composites.
  •  As bactericidal coating in purifiers and water filters.
  •  Coatings of medical equipments and also as an antimicrobial agent.

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