Sulfur Nanopowder

Introduction To Sulfur Nano Powder

Sulfur particles are typically referred to as ultrafine particles. The measurements are usually made for a specific size range rather than an individual sizes or types of particles. Sulfur Nano powder is often 10nm to 45nm with specific surface area in the range 30 to 50 m2/g. They are also available within the average particle size range of about 75nm to 100nm. The Nano sulfur particles are available in ultra high purity, coated and dispersed forms as well.

Sulfur Nano Powder - Applications & Usage

Nowadays, sulfur nano powder is utilized in various applications. Some of them are

  • Synthesis and production of Nano composites, particularly of lithium batteries.
  • In the modification process of Carbon Nano tubes.
  • Beneficial for pharmaceutical uses.
  • In electrochemistry, this nano particle is utilized to boost the electrochemical activity.
  • As catalyst in chemical reductions.

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