Titanium Nanopowder

Introduction To Titanium Nano Powder

When Titanium is essentially processed, it transforms into an ultra fine metal powder that is commonly referred to as Titanium Nano powder. Generally found in shades of black or gray, titanium in fine powder form has similar properties as that of solid titanium. It is mostly utilized in the production of lightweight parts for propellants and aerospace transport devices, as it has a greater capability to resist extreme temperatures.

Titanium Nano Powder - Applications & Usage

Titanium Nano powder has been broadly utilized in several applications, but innovative technologies could take it much further. Companies aim to purchase from best titanium powder suppliers, because they can aid in some of the most amazing applications such as below.

  • It has high passivity. This property lets it to have high corrosion resistance to several chlorides and minerals.
  • Titanium powder finds applications in the medical field due to its non-toxic properties.
  • It is commonly found in prosthetics and medical implantation products.

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