Tungsten Nanopowder

Introduction Of Tungsten Nano Powder

Tungsten, as a pure metal has the highest melting point when compared all other metals, is very dense, boasts of the highest degree of rigidity, mechanical strength and also lowest vapor pressure. Due to these and various other unique properties, Tungsten Nano powder is an indispensable element in various prominent industries. Its mechanical attenuation traits, high density, and a high ability for absorption of vital ionizing radiation are utilized in separating heavy metal alloys.

Tungsten Nano Powder - Applications & Usage

The Tungsten Nano powder is mainly used in the industrial applications. The great degree of thermal resistance in amalgamation with very good electrical and thermal conductivity of this material makes it highly suitable for high performance applications of electrical switch contacts, erosion electrodes, and heats sinks. Other applications include

  • Utilized for moldable radiation and lead-free ammunition shielding products.
  • Used for infiltration in oil and gas applications as well as in mining bits.
  • Used in airbag deployment systems, electrical contacts and more.

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