Mesoporous Silica

Introduction To Mesoporous Silica

In the recent years, mesoporous silica nano particles have fascinated many a mind because of their potential and beneficial biomedical applications. With their high surface area and tailored mesoporous structure, these are used as drug delivery systems. These sorts of nano particles are synthesized typically by tetraethyl orthosilicate react with effective templates made using micellar rods. The end result is thus the collection of nano-sized rods or spheres, which are structured like the usual arrangement of pores.

Mesoporous Silica - Uses & Applications

Mesoporous silica particles find applications in medical and research fields. The key applications of these vital nano particles include

  • For intracellular delivery of significant membrane - impermeable proteins.
  • Utilized in biomedical fields for various reasons.
  • For bio sensing as well as drug delivery applications.
  • To enhance the curcumins cytotoxicity.
  • In the fabrication of supra molecular chemistry products, nano materials and targeted thernostics in medicine and biology.

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