Tin Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction Of Tin Oxide Nano Powder

Tin oxide nano particles are faceted or spherical oxide magnetic nanostructure prominent particles with high surface areas. Nano scale tin oxide typically ranges from 20nm to 40nm with specific surface in the range of 10 - 80 m2/g. This colorless, strong diamagnetic substance is amphoteric in nature. Nano scale tin oxide particles are typically available in ultra high purity, transparent, dispersed and coated forms. Tin oxide powder finds vast applications in chemistry.

Tin Oxide Nano Powder - Applications & Usage

Tin oxide in combination with vanadium oxide is utilized as a catalyst in chemical reactions for the oxidation of aromatic compounds such as the synthesis of acid anhydrides and carboxylic acids. Apart from this, it finds applications in the following

  • As energy-saving coatings, anti-static coatings and catalysts.
  • In solar cells as anti-reflection coatings and electrodes.
  • In the creation of resistors, optoelectronic equipments, gas sensors and liquid crystal displays.
  • Utilized in magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic data storage.

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