Titanium Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction Of Titanium Oxide Nano Powder

Naturally occurring oxide of titanium is typically sourced from anatase, rutile and limonite. However, these days approximately 95% is commercially produced as mass producing is much easier than purifying the available raw forms. It has excellent ultraviolet resistant qualities and this makes it idyllic for use in cosmetics and sunscreen products. It is extremely easy to produce at the desired sizes and is also non-toxic and stable. The production method of this oxide is highly dependent on the feedstock.

Titanium Oxide Nano Powder - Applications And Usage

It has a wide assortment of applications, from sunscreens to paints to food coloring. When utilized as a pigment, it is known as pigment white or titanium white. Here are some most beneficial applications of Titanium Oxide Nano powder

  • Utilized to impart whiteness to personal care products and color cosmetics, which are applied to the skin, lips, and nails.
  • It is one of the vital ingredients utilized in sunscreen products.
  • Used as a white pigment for plastics, paints and paper.
  • Used as an electrical insulator and oxygen sensor.
  • As photo catalyst and electronic data storage medium.

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