Zinc Oxide Nanopowder

Introduction Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc oxide dispersions or powders are inorganic compounds of Zinc-oxide nano particles with UV filtering, anti-corrosive, anti-fungal, catalytic and antibacterial properties. These nanoparticles are available within the size range of 10nm to 200nm. This semiconductor material has several excellent properties including high electron mobility, strong room temperature, wide band gap, great transparency, and more. These great properties of Zinc oxide Nanopowder have made it useful in numerous applications.

Zinc Oxide Nanopowder Applications And Usage

Nano Zinc oxide is utilized in myriad areas such as sterilization care, shielding UV light, cooling or warming, absorbing infrared light and various other magical functions as listed below

  • In rubber manufacturing as vulcanization activator, as additives and catalysts in chemical and petroleum industry.
  • Used as pigments for paints, coatings, plastics and latex.
  • Sunscreen agent utilized in cosmetics and beauty care products.
  • Electrodes for solar cells, varistors and more.

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