Glass Polishing additives

Glass Polishing Additives - MK Nano

MK Nano offers glass sheen powder that produces a beautiful and shiny surface on application. The powder can be quickly made into a paste, which can then be easily applied by hand or a powered hand device or by mechanized scrubbers. After application, the surface will gleam and look like new. It can be used on a variety of products and will produce the best results every time.

Make Your Glass Polishing Tasks Better With Our Powder

We take pride in providing nothing but the best in glass polishing powder. It is a fine grade quality so you will experience only the best results on usage. Mixing it with water takes very little time and it is also the ideal solution for light glass scratches. The particle size of the powder is very small, which enables it to be easily mixed into water.

How Do Our Glass Polishing Additives Assist You?

It can be used to give a new look to glass, marble or gemstone surfaces and is also effective in removing blemishes. When applied using a polishing wheel attached to an electric drill, a large area can be polished in no time at all. Mk Nano&rsquos glass polishing additives are most useful in industries where glass polishing has to be done everyday and also for various types of consumer products. Such products might have to be cleaned up before they are sent to the retail store. This powder will give them a new and sleek look, after which they can be packaged and dispatched.

Why Make Use Of Our Glass Polishing Materials?

MK Nano&rsquos glass polishing materials is suitable for those who want to remove light scratches from glass surface by themselves, automotive shops and even glass manufacturing industries. It is meant to give a good sheen to glass surfaces and is also best for restoring an existing glass surface to new condition.

Our staff is available to attend to all queries about how to use the glass polishing additives. As they have good suspension qualities, they will not become hard when made into a paste. You can ask us about how to make the powder into paste, also known as slurry. We will tell exactly what proportion of powder and water you should mix. The polishing wheel must be lightly damp before applying the slurry and not dripping wet. Before application, it is vital to check if the glass surface is clean as otherwise applying polish will not be effective. After the surface has been cleaned it must also be made a little damp so that the polishing paste can be applied on it smoothly.

It is finer points like these that we look into and instruct about when a customer purchases the powder from us. We give importance to making them feel comfortable in using the product and getting desired results from it. You can order for glass polishing powder in desired quantities from our online store and our prices are attractive.