NaSbF6, +99% Pure

NaSbF6, +99% Pure
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Sodium Hexafluoroantimonate Powder, micron size
NaSbF6, +99% Pure,
Na: ~8.89wt%, Sb: ~47.05wt%, F: ~44.06wt%
Free Fluorine: < 1%
Moisture: < 0.5%
Form: White crystalline powder
Soluble in water and organic polar solvents, such as ethanol, acetone and acetonitrile etc.

Used in organic synthesis, ionic liquid, cationic light initiators. Used as catalyst for photochemical reaction, high-grade glass additive, high-grade uv-curable coating and printing ink additive, pharmaceutical intermediate, material intermediate, etc.

DG: UN 1549 6.1/PG 3
HS Code: 2841.90.0090
Packing: 50 g, 100 g, 1 Kg, 25 Kg
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