Silica based Concrete additives

Silica Based Concrete Additives - MK Nano

MK Nano offers high quality additives of concrete that can be used in so many ways in a variety of industries. We take care to source the product from reputed manufacturers so that you can put it to use according to requirements and get desired results. Look through our online store and place an order for the quantity desired.

We look into a wide range of manufacturers for concrete additives and only ones who pass our quality assurance test. This means when you come to us to buy this product, you can be sure that it will show effectiveness and performance in usage. If you have any doubts on certain actions and reactions that rise when mixing it, call our staff right away and they will clarify it as soon as possible.

Silicate Based Concrete Additives Are Now Increasingly Favored

They are now being increasingly used as they are seen as a good alternative to traditional concrete and mortar mix. They are highly effective in building construction as they are able to give strength and durability to the structure like nothing else.

Using silicate based concrete additives also lowers the cost of construction when compared to traditional concrete. Buildings made from it will be priced definitely lower than otherwise. The use of concrete silicates removes the need for sand mining, which is a way to protect Mother Nature. Its usage also helps avoid quarry creation and its associated quarry fines. Its many properties make it ideal for construction industry. Those seeking new and improved building construction materials will find silicate based concrete additives be the answer to their needs.

We, at MK Nano understand about the many properties of concrete silicate and offer it in exactly the desired quantities. These additives are well packaged and then delivered to your address quickly so that it can be applied in your projects.

Silica fumes are created during silicon metal production and due to its chemical and physical properties, it is strong and durable. Our silica fumes for concrete are light and also very dense. It is offered by us in wet and dry forms. When it is mixed with concrete the result is very high grade concrete that can be used to create high rise and extensive building structures that are long lasting as well as low cost. It possesses good strength and so when applied to any structure it gives it desired resistance to external elements. One of the key requirements in the use of concrete is that it must be quickly mixed into a paste. You can do this to perfection with MK Nano&rsquos silicate concrete powder as it is of a fine grade quality.

Many constructions companies are seeking alternatives to their existing building materials. Look into our silicate mix powder to find such as solution and use it for your projects and other experimentation needs. We have tested the powder for quality and ensure that when it is used, you will get satisfactory results. Our staffs are available 24 hours to assist you in any queries that arise when using the product.